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I was having fibromyalgia that was causing back pain and sciatica for 5 YEARS! I began to see Dr. Park for my pain. Dr. Park spoke with Dr. Mills and Dr. DeGorter and believed there was something else causing my back pain like a disc herniation. The team at West Hills Chiropractic suggested spinal decompression along with acupuncture to help resolve my pain. I began my spinal decompression treatments at the end of September. My pain began to subside in by October however my greatest test was in December. I wanted to attend a concert however the venue was small and I had to stand for 3 hours straight. Thanks to the team at West Hills Chiropractic I could stand all night long to see one of my favorite bands play. I followed the protocol and I am now pain free, I only come in to get checked and to get my workouts in. Thank you so much West Hills Chiropractic for allowing me to enjoy that concert.

-Helen C.

I was unable to sleep in my bed. I kept having back pain every morning. This occurred for about 2 years and I slept in a recliner the past year because it was the only thing I could sleep in without having any back pain in the morning. With the help of Dr.Mills and his team they were able to find out I had 1 herniated disc and another disc bulge. Thanks to the Vax-D treatment and protocol I can now sleep in my OWN bed.

-Vinnie S.

I believe that this doctor truly cares about his patients. Both his skill and his compassion make this chiropractor my only option. Without any doubt, I reccomend him above all others!

-Thank you, Bill S.

Suffering from repetitive migraines, I was constantly taking medications. Then one day a friend of mine suggested that I see a chiropractor and recommended Dr. Joseph Mills. Dr. Mills was very professional and explained to me that he is not a "miracle worker" and that these things take time, but after a few visits the frequency of my migraines as well as the intensity has greatly diminished. Thank you Dr. Mills

- Mary B.

I’ve always been a slave to my back problems. I was plagued by everything from spasms to inflammation. Waking up was a process–a crushing, deflating process.

That is until I fell upon West Hills Chiropractic Pain Center and Spinal Decompression with VAX-D. Even upon my first visit I felt relief. The stress dissipated and the comfort subsumed me wholly with each following session.

I could not be happier with the care and gentility afforded to me by Dr. Mills. The affable staff and soothing personalities only serve to add to the coziness and abandon.

-Thank you, Thomas L.

I Was scheduled for back surgery and cancelled it due to the results of the VAX-D table. THANK YOU, Dr. MILLS!

- By Jason C.